Fast Life and Faster Death

The number of road accidents do not deter speed driving, perhaps the trill of whizzing past a shocked driver with the speed of wind is intoxication enough to ally the fears or even the thoughts about road accidents and its attendant worries. I asked a 20 year old what makes him drive dangerously, and the reply was amazing. He said it is the pleasure of going ahead and be the first one on the stretch. His comment that he drives a powerful bike with wide tires, so he should be ahead of all – sort of lead the lot. I realized that the obsession no longer is mileage, it is all about power. The young is restless as usual, and driving provide an opportunity to engage the energy even at the cost of the risks. Youth never recognize fears rather do not believe in the adult cautions it seem as a way of the grown-ups to control them through systematic mendacity. They are part of a fast growing consumer economy, and it is about availability of new opportunities to which they must rush…….

What should be done is discharging of social responsibility by the civil society itself. Let us not try to terrify them with statistics, that is less effective, let us understand them de-toxify their spirit and give them a dimensional view of life and living. It should begin from educational institutions. Let there be ‘safe driving’ discussions in educational institutions involving the NCC, Red Cross,  the  NSS, etc.  first. It should be regarded as a part of co-curricular effort. The students under supervision should lead such efforts themselves. They should devise their ideas and communication strategies. It should begin initially in tech. institutions.        


One response to “Fast Life and Faster Death

  1. It is the life style which has been modernized due to the fast track development and competition in the prevailing system which has led the change of min setup of young youth…

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